introducing… work it, girl!

I was one of those kids who had a different answer each time an adult asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a teacher, a keyboardist in a rock band, an astronaut, an architect, a record label/tour manager, a film director… the list never ended. Once I carved out a path in college with the things I was passionate about, I knew I had to try to solidify a more concrete career for myself. For as much as I wanted to be a powerful combo of ‘slashes’ (could you imagine a rock star/astronaut?), I knew I had to find a few things to focus on.

As a young adult exploring different industries and career paths, I realized how little I know about the professions around me. I wish I had asked more questions in high school and college about what certain jobs pertain to the subjects I enjoyed. I wish I had read more books or watched more interviews of people whom I admired the most. I wish I had more resources to educate myself on the realities of certain industries.  In a world of possibility, the freedom to be whoever you want to be or do whatever you want to do can quickly become overwhelming.

Work it, girl! will feature some of my own peers venturing out into their careers in the real world. Most of these women are in their early 20s and are still figuring it out. Something I wish someone had told me is that the choices you make will not dictate your career, nor will they cause a linear path. Through asking questions pertaining to job responsibilities, workplaces, and goals, I’m slowly realizing that our generation is diving headfirst into jobs that might just end up leading us to our next steps. 

Finding a career (and job) that stimulates and fulfills you is a lifelong journey- but you’re not alone.